I’m Rich Ronald. I’ve always had a shepherd’s heart. I have worked both in the corporate world and as a full-time pastor. I now work alongside ministry leaders to help them execute the vision God has given them. I live in Virginia and serve regularly at a marriage ministry with my wife, Linda, in Georgia. I also love the Land of the Book and enjoy leading Bible study tours to Israel. For more information go to GTItours.org.

Praying the Psalms is my third book. You can join the community of others reading and praying through this beautiful book of prayers and hymns at PrayingThePsalms.com, where you can subscribe to receive a daily email prayer.

I’m a teacher, writer, public speaker, marathon runner, and encourager. I also write a regular blog, designed to encourage readers, via a variety of life experiences and Biblical texts.

And, if you need a website or social media, I can help with that too! Go to RichlySpeaking.com for more info.

Let’s create something together.