I have loved engaging with the Scriptures for over 50 years. And finding an encouraging way to bring the Text to life is always rewarding. I’ve also had the opportunity to teach the Word of God in the Land of the Book — Israel. It’s amazing to discover deeper insights when the reader of the Text understands the background and context. It’s often been compared to the differences between 2D and 3D, or black and white and color.

The Greatest Gifts, a 25-Day Christmas Devotional is available on the YouVersion Bible app or you may purchase it here.

I have written three books designed to bring the reader of the Text a richer experience with the Bible. The newest is called Praying the Psalms. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I have written a parallel prayer for each Psalm, embracing the grace of the cross of Jesus.

Praying the Psalms is a 172-day devotional and prayer journal. The book is in final edits and will be out shortly. You can join the Praying the Psalms community here. And the first of a few Bible-reading devotional plans on the YouVersion app can be found here.

Here’s a link to two other devotional books I have authored: Amazon

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