Childhood Memories…

Today’s staff meeting assignment includes a team icebreaker question to describe one of your most memorable experiences as a child.  In general, I had a very blessed childhood.  Three older sisters, mom and dad.  Our very close extended family included Grannie and Grandpa, Grandmother and our only aunt.  There were no cousins since my dad was an only child and my mom’s only sister never married or had children.  When the whole family got together it was just the ten of us. 


Sunday’s were a very special day.  After church every Sunday, yes, every Sunday, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner around Grannie’s dining table.  Sunday afternoons were leisurely times of children playing and grownups talking.  Also, my dad and my grandpa and me would spend a little time in Grandpa’s garden, or doing an odd job around the house before “retiring to the basement” to play pool.  “Rotation” was Grandpa’s favorite game.  The evening included our helping ourselves to making sandwiches from the leftovers of dinner and watching TV.  Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, The Wonderful World of Disney and Bonanza were weekly routines that we all enjoyed.  Often a game of Scrabble, Finch or Checkers were thrown in for good measure too!

What was normal then, today would be considered very abnormal.  That kind of a Sunday Sabbath rest is not taken in our hectic on-the-go lifestyle.  I miss those simpler times.  Today, our extended family is spread out from Texas to Iowa, Virginia to Ohio. The last time we were all together was 2006. 

I miss those types of restful days with the extended family.  I guess I took it for granted.  Back at Grannie and Grandpa’s in the 1960’s, I didn’t know how sweet those days were.

I do now.  And I am truly thankful for such great memories.

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One thought on “Childhood Memories…

  1. Well, bro, here in Cincinnati, history is almost repeating itself, much to our delight. Greg and I, in our empty nest season, have the honor of spending most Sundays with Grannie who was Mom. Although the dinner table isn't quite so heavily laden (that's a good thing), the time together is precious. There are usually only the three of us, and that's hard, but it's a time where we catch up with family (via Mom-central) and, yes, rest. Weird, but at times I feel guilty about it, like we're being selfish. But then God gently reminds me that this was HIS idea, and it's a good one. We miss you and your sweet family, and do dream of the day when we will all be around a new Table, this time for eternity! Laughing, resting, enjoying each other, counting our blessings, praising a gracious God who loves us so much. So, thanks for the trip down memory lane… like you said, we are blessed that it's usually a happy jaunt. We love you!!

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