God’s Warranty is Never Cancelled

So, it’s now a few weeks after Christmas.  Did you have to take anything back?  Was it a problem with the retailer or were they pretty good about the exchange?  Did you get a gift card or a refund?  It’s usually pretty easy to get an exchange these days because they want your future business… but have you ever had to wrangle for them to make good on the warranty on something?  From car dealers to computer stores to contractors, often we find ourselves having to haggle and argue and negotiate for the warranty deal that we thought we purchased.

I have good news for you… with God it’s simple.

Check out Romans 11:29 from The Message:  God’s gifts and God’s call are all under full warranty.  Never cancelled.  Never rescinded.

God assures us that He has a call on our lives… a plan.  In the story of Joseph in Genesis 37, he calls it a dream.  He dreamed very big dreams!  And, it took many, many years for those dreams to come to pass.  But they did!  And God has not abandoned His plans, or His dreams,  for you.

Despite your setbacks.  And maybe, in spite of setbacks.  Along the way, we may feel that because of a curve ball of some sort, because something didn’t work out the way we planned, that God may have changed too.  But may I tell you today: He has not.  He has not abandoned His plan for you.  He loves you.  His plan is for your success.  Jeremiah 29:11 affirms this:  I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.  (The Message)

Will you trust it?

It is never cancelled.  It’s for today… and for all eternity.

(c) 2012. Rich Ronald

One thought on “God’s Warranty is Never Cancelled

  1. Amen. I have found that God’s plan for me far surpasses MY plan for me. And He has used setbacks and hardships in my life to achieve His perfect plan for me. He can be trusted.

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