Putting God First in 2013.

May you be able to put God first in 2013 so that everything will fall into order.
May you be able to put God first in 2013 so that everything will fall into order.

So we are already a week into the New Year and I’m finally putting thought into what 2013 looks like. Can it be the best year to-date? Well, I’ve lived some pretty awesome years, but, yeah, why can’t we start the next turn around the sun with the thought that this will be the best one?

We were challenged this past weekend by visiting Pastor Robert Morris that if you want to live “The Blessed Life” you need to put God first. It’s pretty easy when you are in a full-time ministry to say that putting God first comes naturally. But does it really? Can I make God the top of every single list?

What I read. What I watch.

What I write. What I think.

What I do for exercise – body, mind and spirit.

How I love my wife?  What are my motivations for my children?

How I manage my time?

Can 2013 truly be a year above all the rest?

Robert Morris says “When God is first in your life everything falls in order.”

Order.  That would be nice. No more clutter. No more hunting around for files, phones, keys, shoes or… vision.  Putting God first. Seems simple enough.

And because His Holy Spirit is in me, it IS possible. No, it will not be simple, because my flesh gets in the way, you know?

One of my favorite verses about putting God first is found in John 3:30. From the mouth of John, the Baptizer: “He must increase. I must decrease.” If there be but one prayer for the New Year, I will echo John’s words. “More of Jesus. Less of me.”

Will you join me in putting God first in your life this year? Truly putting Him first? You will be blessed beyond measure when you do.  And then you can truly be a blessing to all the people  God puts in your life.

(c) 2013. Rich Ronald.

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