Psalm 10

Today we continue an ambitious project! For the next nine months, you and I will get the opportunity to read through, and more importantly, pray through the Psalms together. See this post for more info.

The audio file below is the entire episode for today. The text below is today’s prayer. I’m reading the Contemporary English Version of the Text, copyright 1995, by the American Bible Society.

God. Abba. Father.

We don’t understand when you feel far away. We draw near to you today, God. Help us. We need you. We always need you, God. We cannot do life without you.

We look at the proud and arrogant and wonder why you let them continue in their ways. They boast in their own success. They curse and hate you, Lord. They do not seek you nor care about your holy ways. They curse and tell lies. They plan evil and scheme ways to hurt innocent victims. They pounce like a wild beast and suggest that you are nowhere to be found.

But we know that is not true, oh God. You see our troubles and our distress. Do not forget the helpless. See our troubles caused by the merciless. Make them stop. We cry out to you with hope for you are our king. We trust in your unfailing grace.

We thank you that everyone who calls out to you is called your son or your daughter. There are no orphans in your Kingdom! One day your Kingdom will come on this earth and terror will cease. We thank you for that Day!

We thank you for taking our hand as we lift it to you, like a child who reaches for their parent! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

(c) 2020. Rich Ronald.

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