Psalm 14

Today we continue an ambitious project! For the next nine months, you and I will get the opportunity to read through, and more importantly, pray through the Psalms together. See this post for more info.

The audio file below is the entire episode for today. The text below is today’s prayer. I’m reading the Contemporary English Version of the Text, copyright 1995, by the American Bible Society.

God. Abba. Father.

The evil say “God is dead. He is no more.” It seems that some days, that’s the only message we hear. We join with you, Lord, in saying that those people who say that are fools.

We thank you that you look down from heaven; you are searching all the earth for any who will seek after you. It seems that there are none, and it breaks our hearts. We join with the Psalmist in asking, “When will the evildoers learn?” Our friends and family have been devoured by the evil one. “LORD!” we cry. Spoil the plans of those who plot wrong-doing. May their false activities frustrate them.

Lord, thank you that you are on the side of the poor, both those who are physically poor and poor in spirit. Thank you that you are the refuge we seek. You, Lord, are the only one who can save us. You are the only one who will save Israel. We pray for your people. Restore those who have turned their backs on you.

One day, your children, will be glad. Because there will be peace. There will be joy. We will celebrate and sing when Salvation comes, when your Son Jesus, comes again! May it be soon!

We pray with hope, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

(c) 2020. Rich Ronald.

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