Psalm 24.

We’re reading through, and with intentionality, praying through the Psalms during this school year. There are 150 Psalms, divided into 180 different readings. See this post for more info.

The audio file below is the entire episode for today. The text below is today’s prayer. I’m reading the Contemporary English Version of the Text, copyright 1995, by the American Bible Society.

God. Abba. Father.

the earth. You know and love each one. You call us by name. You created rivers and oceans, mountains and valleys. And everything in between.

We ask with the Psalmist: who made climb the hill of the Lord? Who is holy enough? Who may enter His  sanctuary? You have decreed that it is only those who have clean hands and a pure heart. It is only those who do right and who do not lie. But the truth is, Father, that none of us can meet such requirements. So, it is only your Son, Jesus who may ascend your holy mountain. And, by His grace, it is all of us who have bowed our knee to Him.

We are humbled by the blessings you give to us through Jesus. You will reward us because we worship you and serve you. We ask you to open the gates of heaven, your holy gates, so that, as we seek your face, we may enter. Yes, we are called royalty because of Jesus.

But the ultimate king is our Messiah, King Jesus. He is strong and mighty. He is the One who is lifted up and honored above all. He is the only one worthy. He is our king, now, coming again, and forever!

It is Jesus! Your son. Our savior. Hallelujah!


(c) 2020. Rich Ronald.

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