Psalm 82

We’re reading through, and with intentionality, praying through the Psalms during this school year. There are 150 Psalms, divided into 180 different readings. See this post for more info.

We are temporarily suspending the audio portion of this study via the RichlySpeaking podcast. Here is today’s prayer preceded by the text from the Contemporary English Version, copyright 1995, by the America Bible Society.

When all of the other gods
    have come together,
    the Lord God judges them
    and says:
“How long will you
keep judging unfairly
    and favoring evil people?
Be fair to the poor
    and to orphans.
    Defend the helpless
    and everyone in need.
Rescue the weak and homeless
    from the powerful hands
    of heartless people.

“None of you know
    or understand a thing.
You live in darkness,
    while the foundations
    of the earth tremble.

“I, the Most High God, say
that all of you are gods
    and also my own children.
But you will die,
just like everyone else,
    including powerful rulers.”

Do something, God!
Judge the nations of the earth;
    they belong to you.

Today’s prayer:

God, Abba, Father:

Thank you for being the Most High God. You are the One True Judge, who reigns over the heavens and the earth. We worship you today, oh God.

Forgive us when we make unfair judgments against people. We confess that we often size people up based on appearances or actions. Only you can see the hearts of men and women. May our hearts be pure before you and others. Give us the courage and strength to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves… the preborn, the weak, the homeless, those in poverty, the widow, and the orphan.

Remind us that it is only because of your grace that we have life and life to the full. Even when we think we have it all together or wear a happy, successful face for the world, but inside we find ourselves weak, or without a home, or without resources or family, we know that we will always have you. You have promised to never leave us. We are never alone. We do not lack for any good thing, because we have your love. Your grace. Your strength. Your blessings.

Give us your dreams for our lives today. Dreams that will glorify you and bless others. We know that you have the whole world in your hands. Save us. Deliver us. Forgive us. Lead us by your Holy Spirit today.

We thank you for your holy judgment and your amazing, all-forgiving grace. Through Jesus. Our Messiah and Lord.

And, it is in His name we pray.


(c) 2020. Rich Ronald.

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