Giving, and Receiving, the Perfect Gift

I want to talk about gifts and giving.  Yes, I have seen most stores are already setting up Christmas décor.  It’s early October, for goodness sakes!  So, how many of you are done with your shopping?  Most of us enjoy receiving gifts… and I’m thankful that most of the people I know also thoroughly enjoy giving the right gift too. 

Have you ever given the wrong gift?  You know, like giving your wife the “gift” of a new treadmill or a fancy bathroom scale… Not a good idea, guys.  True story: my dad once gave my mom a newfangled “electric broom.”  I think it was for Christmas in 1969.  A great lesson learned for me, at the young age of 10 years old: never get anything for your wife that has anything to do with making the work she does around the house easier as a, insert air quote marks, “gift.”  Vacuum cleaners.  Water-infused-mops.  Carpet steamers.  Something that makes it easier to do laundry…. Nope.  That’s the wrong kind of “gift.”  It kindof says that they need help doing their job… So if they need it to do a better job, just buckle down and buy it. Don’t wrap it up.  Don’t wait for a special holiday.  God bless my dad for trying, but giving the “gift” of the equivelant of cleaning supplies is just not a “gift.”

At least that’s what I took away from the conversation that followed once the wrapping paper and bows landed on the floor.  So, I have adamantly refused to ever give my wife a vacuum cleaner as  a gift… and I’ve taught my kids the same thing.

Have you ever given the right gift?  The perfect gift?  I’ve heard of many people scoring on that one… a piece of jewelry, a vacation, a handmade quilt…

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