Isaiah 59. God’s Gifts to Us: Repentance, Redemption, Salvation, Spirit.

Because of the importance of Israel and its people, and my personal love for The Land, I’m inviting you to join me through the key Old Testament book of Isaiah.  Each day I’m posting some simple thoughts about this complex prophet.


Isaiah 59.

This highlights in a very straightforward manner the cycle of sin, acknowledgment of wrongdoing which leads to repentance, and His gracious redemption.

“Your sins are the roadblock between you and your God. That’s why he doesn’t answer your prayers or let you see his face.” (v2, CEV). That’s pretty significant, isn’t it? Ever wonder why your prayers might not be answered? I’m not saying this is the reason behind every non-answer from God. But, examining our own heart might be a first step towards hearing from Heaven.

Confession/ Repentance.
“Our wrongdoings pile up before you, God, our sins stand up and accuse us. Our wrongdoings stare us down; we know in detail what we’ve done: Mocking and denying God, not following our God, Spreading false rumors, inciting sedition, pregnant with lies, muttering malice. Justice is beaten back, Righteousness is banished to the sidelines, Truth staggers down the street, Honesty is nowhere to be found, Good is missing in action. Anyone renouncing evil is beaten and robbed.” (v12-15, MSG). We live in an evil time, as did Isaiah. The key to a right standing with God is getting to a place where we can see our sin and repent. Turning toward God starts in a posture of humility and confession.

“God looked and saw evil looming on the horizon – so much evil and no sign of Justice… so He did it Himself, took on the work of Salvation, fueled by His own righteousness.” (v15, MSG). The Almighty turned to His one and only Son to provide our redemption. Thank you, God! “For this is how much God loved the world—he gave his one and only, unique Son as a gift. So now everyone who believes in him will never perish but experience everlasting life.” (John 3:16, TPT). Yep! He did it Himself. Wow!

Our Future.
“The Lord has promised to rescue the city of Zion and Jacob’s descendants who turn from sin.  The Lord says: “My people, I promise to give you my Spirit and my message. These will be my gifts to you and your families forever. I, the LORD, have spoken.”” (v20-21, CEV).

Let us all be thankful for His work of redemption through Jesus and the promise of His Spirit to us all!

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