Psalm 138

Here is today’s prayer from Psalm 138:

God. Abba. Father.

We praise you! We raise our hands to heaven. We kneel before your throne. We fall face-down in humility and prayer. You have been so faithful. Day after day, month after month, year after year, decade after decade. You have never stopped loving us. You have never stopped caring for us. Thank you!

We have the courage and strength to face each new day because you have answered when we have asked for your help. We shake our heads in wonder, with gratitude, at your abundant compassion. We are not worthy.

Today we pray for each world leader, each corporate leader, each government leader, each ministry leader, each family leader. May the kings of the earth praise you. May they recognize your sovereign hand in their blessing.

You are high and lifted up. You are the One True God. And you care for each one of us. Though we may stumble or have troubles today, you will save us. Your right hand is ever close to us. Jesus. And He will keep us safe. He will deliver us. He will rescue us. For He has overcome the world! Thank you, Jesus!

Our Messiah, we thank you that our story is not finished. You have many chapters in our lives yet to write. You will not give up on us. You will not abandon us. Your love never fails.

We praise you.

Thank you for your grace, Jesus.


We’re reading through, and with intentionality, praying through the Psalms during this school year. There are 150 Psalms, divided into 180 different readings. See this post for more info.

(c) 2021. Rich Ronald.

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