Psalm 101

We’re reading through, and with intentionality, praying through the Psalms during this school year. There are 150 Psalms, divided into 180 different readings. See this post for more info.

Here is today’s prayer, preceded by the text from the Contemporary English Version, copyright 1995, by the America Bible Society.

I will sing to you, Lord! I will celebrate your kindness and your justice. Please help me learn to do the right thing, and I will be honest and fair in my own kingdom.

I refuse to be corrupt or to take part in anything crooked, and I won’t be dishonest or deceitful.

Anyone who spreads gossip will be silenced, and no one who is conceited will be my friend.

I will find trustworthy people to serve as my advisors, and only an honest person will serve as an official.

No one who cheats or lies will have a position in my royal court. Each morning I will silence any lawbreakers I find in the countryside or in the city of the Lord.

Let our home be a place of humility and unconditional love for one another.

Psalm 101

Here is today’s prayer from Psalm 101:

God. Abba. Father.

We sing to you today! We celebrate that you are just, you are kind and you always make right and truthful decisions. Thank you for giving us the Holy Spirit who guides us into all truth. Please help us to follow in your ways, Lord, to be just, kind, and truthful — especially at home with our family. Yes, keep our hearts pure and blameless. Let us not join in the ways of wickedness. May all in our home lift up your name and your ways. Let our home be a place of humility and unconditional love for one another.

Give us the courage to join with those who are genuine and trustworthy. Let us not participate in gossip or slander. May all our conversations today be honest.

Thank you for grace and forgiveness. Thank you for making all things new.

We praise you today.

In Jesus name.


(c) 2021. Rich Ronald.

Psalm 78

We’re reading through, and with intentionality, praying through the Psalms during this school year. There are 150 Psalms, divided into 180 different readings. See this post for more info.

The audio file below is the entire episode for today. The text below is today’s prayer. I’m reading the Contemporary English Version of the Text, copyright 1995, by the American Bible Society.

God. Abba. Father.

Thank you for this story of the rocky relationship between you and your chosen people.

Thank you for the many who have gone before us… those who taught people who taught us of your ways. Give us strength and courage to continue to pass along our hope and faith to the next generation.

Your ways are holy and just. Your love is gracious, kind, and unconditional. Even when your children are stubborn and selfish and finicky. Your word says that you kept forgiving their sin. Thank you that you keep forgiving our sin as well!

And thank you for choosing your king of Israel, David… in whose line Jesus ultimately came. We hear these stories of old and wonder of their significance to us. Yet, we have seen your grace and your power first-hand. Just like the tribes who wandered in the desert. Just like King David experienced your forgiveness and mercy. Just like those who shared your love story with us.

Give us that same grace to proclaim your powerful truths to the next generation. We worship you, great King! We sing of your praises, today and always.

In the name of your son, Jesus, who offers compassion in abundance to everyone.


(c) 2020. Rich Ronald.

Isaiah 54. God Is Always Kind and Merciful.

Because of the importance of Israel and its people, and my personal love for The Land, I’m inviting you to join me through the key Old Testament book of Isaiah.  Each day I’m posting some simple thoughts about this complex prophet.

Isaiah 54.

The glory of Zion is at hand. Get ready for a blessing from God.

“Make your tents larger! Spread out the tent pegs; fasten them firmly.” (v2, CEV).

Can I tell you how much God loves you? First, there was the promise to Noah. Now, there is a promise for the people of Israel — a promise for you and me as well.  “For even if the mountains walk away and the hills fall to pieces, my love won’t walk away from you, my covenant commitment of peace won’t fall apart.” The God who has compassion on you says so.”” (v10, MSG). “I will always be kind and merciful to you.” (v10, CEV). 

Even when all seems hopeless… “for those who are childless (v1), for those who are widowed (v4).” Even in the worst of times, God will take care of you, of us.

I’m reminded of the encouraging words of Jesus, spoken on a hillside along the Sea of Galilee. “Do not worry about your life…” (Matthew 6:25, NIV). The Master continues, “But more than anything else put God’s work first and do what he wants. Then the other things will be yours as well.” (Matthew 6:33, CEV).

Don’t worry about what you’ll wear or what you’ll eat. Or about those who attack you or say mean things about you. When we fully submit to God, He watches over us. His opinion of us is the only one that matters. He has sent His Holy Spirit to comfort us and to be with us.

Isaiah concludes with this reassuring word: “Weapons made to attack you won’t be successful; words spoken against you won’t hurt at all. My servants, Jerusalem is yours! I, the Lord, promise to bless you with victory.” (v17, CEV).

The Message says it this way: “I’ll see to it that everything works out for the best.” (v17).

Here’s how Paul articulates this in his letter to the church in Rome: “We know that God is always at work for the good of everyone who loves him. They are the ones God has chosen for his purpose.” (Romans 8:28, CEV).

I’m thankful my future is not completely in my own ability or skills or even “luck.” No, our confidence, our trust, and our future is in God’s hands! He’s got this! He’s got you! He will always be kind and merciful to those who love Him.


If you’re new to this journey through Isaiah, you can start here.
(c) 2020. Rich Ronald.