Psalm 134

Here is today’s prayer from Psalm 134:

God. Abba. Father.

We worship you today.

Thank you for always being present. No matter where we are. No matter when we worship. No matter who is offering praise. You are always available. You love to converse with us. You are worthy to be praised.

We lift our hands in complete surrender. Teach us how to live fully trusting you, Abba. We give you our spouses, our children, our family and friends. We give you our work or our school. We give you our hopes and our dreams. We give you our judgments and our critiques. We give you our calendars and checkbooks. We give you our communities of faith and small groups. We give you our times of rest and times of play. Teach us how to care for our hearts and our souls.

Thank you for your wisdom and counsel. No matter our situation, you offer a path. We trust you to lead.

You are the Maker of heaven and earth! Thank you for blessing us.

Through Jesus our Messiah.


We’re reading through, and with intentionality, praying through the Psalms during this school year. There are 150 Psalms, divided into 180 different readings. See this post for more info.

(c) 2021. Rich Ronald.